Times are not changing. They already have.

Our annual conference brings together everything you need to know to thrive — and survive — in this new era of Engagement Banking.

From top digital leaders’ insights to real-life customer cases, you’ll gain exclusive access to the best in the industry. And, most importantly, you’ll understand why it’s now crucial to rearchitect banking around customers and radically shift to a platform model.

The Engagement Banking Revolution has begun.


Banking Evolution

Decades of incremental tech, siloed infrastructure, and outdated legacy systems have been holding banks back. The only way to fix this is a complete u-turn in how they approach their operating models.

The Power of Platforms

In the meantime, platforms have taken the world by storm. And in order to thrive — and survive — banks need to look around, adapt, and change their mindset to platform thinking.

The Engagement Banking

Now is the time for banks to completely rearchitect banking around their customers, radically shift to a platform operating model, and put the user experience at the heart of their business.


Visionary Keynotes

Catch the exciting product reveals that will set the stage for the years ahead.
And find out exactly what your bank needs to do to join the Engagement Banking Revolution.

Regional Updates & Customer Cases

Hear from the Engagement Banking leaders in your region with real-life, in-depth customer cases. Learn, share, and compare notes with your industry peers.

Meet the Experts

Gain direct access to Backbase leadership and experts who created our products and services. Get updates on the latest and greatest of our complete product ecosystem.

ENGAGE & Interact

Ask us anything — no topic is off-limits. Plus, you’ll share experiences with industry peers and discuss the next steps with Backbase experts.



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